England – China

An important component of the Teaching for Mastery Programme is the annual exchange of teachers between schools in England and those in Shanghai. 

Every school year since 2014/15, a group of teachers in England has taken part in this exchange. It usually involves two or three teachers from each Maths Hub. The exchange is now confirmed to continue with primary and secondary teachers to 2020.

The format is broadly as follows: teachers from England spend two weeks observing how maths is taught in Shanghai schools. Later in the school year, they host partner Shanghai teachers at their own schools in England for a fortnight. When the Shanghai teachers are here, their lessons are observed by teachers from neighbouring schools in every Maths Hub area. Post-lesson discussions take place. In these, the lesson design and delivery are un-picked in detail, with a view to understanding how teaching for mastery can work in local classrooms. In this way, several thousand teachers across England have been exposed to the successful Shanghai version of teaching for mastery.

Below are links to videos and information from the exchanges