Teaching for Mastery

The Teaching for Mastery Programme comprises a range of projects and activities at the heart of all Maths Hubs’ work. It is a continuing programme launched by £41m funding announced by the Department for Education in July 2016.

For more detail on teaching for mastery, including case studies, lesson videos and professional development materials, see the NCETM mastery pages.

Teaching for mastery is promoted by Maths Hubs in a variety of ways. Please note, some of the links below will take you to information about mastery on the NCETM website.

  • Development Work Groups (NCETM site)
    Sometimes known as Teacher Research Groups or TRGs, Development Work Groups involve a small number of local schools coming together to collaborate on professional development. They are led by classroom-based Mastery Specialists. The Work Groups provide professional development and specialist support to schools, enabling the introduction of teaching for mastery in a sustainable way. By the summer of 2023, more than 10,000 primary schools will receive training and develop practice in this way. Maths Hubs are currently welcoming applications from schools wishing to get involved in this programme in 2019/20. Full details are available on the NCETM Mastery Opportunities page.
  • Mastery Specialists (NCETM site)
    Primary and secondary teachers are trained by the NCETM and their local Maths Hub to become experts in mastery. They take a mastery approach in their own classrooms and support colleagues in their own and other schools.
  • Materials and Resources (NCETM site)
    Maths Hubs and the NCETM have funded and produced a wide range of resources that will help teachers and leaders implement teaching for mastery. These include professional development materials, assessment materials, calculation guidance, videos of lessons, teachers and school leaders, and Bespoke magazine.
  • Teacher Exchange Programme
    An exchange programme between primary and secondary teachers from England and their counterparts in Shanghai takes place each year. There are also ‘Shanghai Showcase’ events when Shanghai teachers visit England. These allow teachers across the country to observe lessons taught by Shanghai teachers, and discuss their pedagogy and approaches.
  • Textbooks
    Financial support is available to schools participating in the Teaching for Mastery Programme, to help them to buy high quality textbooks which are consistent with teaching for mastery