Secondary Mastery Specialists programme

Since school year 2016-17, all Maths Hubs have participated in a programme that develops school-based teachers as Mastery Specialists. Numbers vary, but each hub develops three or four of these every year.

These teachers follow a three year cycle: in the first year, they attend three residential training events and concentrate on their own classroom teaching. In the second year, they help spread mastery teaching approaches across their departments. In the third year, they support a couple of other local schools along the same route.

All the time, they keep in touch with counterparts across the country in online groups, to share experiences and continue developmental conversations.

This video has been produced in school year 2018/19. It describes the programme in more detail and lets you hear from teachers in some of the schools involved.


In the 2017 summer term, we asked some Mastery Specialists for examples of what was changing at their schools as a result of their participation in the programme. They told us about work both in their own classrooms, and with colleagues in maths departments. These short videos are the result. Each video is no more than three minutes long. You can also read the specialists' reflections in Issue 143 of our Secondary Magazine.

Productive struggle
Full sentences
Questioning own subject knowledge
Precise mathematical language
Sharing theory with colleagues
Discussing mastery with colleagues
Pictorial representations
Students articulating their thinking
Narrower focus per lesson
Multiple representations
Variation theory
Pace of learning
A narrower KS3 curriculum
Fine-tuning pupils' practice
Answer is only the beginning
Visualisation of maths