Shanghai Teachers in English Schools November 2014

For three full weeks in November, 29 teachers from Shanghai taught maths lessons in 22 different primary schools across England, covering 15 of the 34 Maths Hubs areas. Year groups varied from school to school. The language of teaching was English.

For most of the time, their lessons were observed by their partner teacher from the English school, other colleagues from the same school, and often also by groups of teachers from local schools.

Lessons were often followed by groups discussions, in which the English teachers unpicked what they’d seen, and discussed ways of introducing similar approaches in their lessons.

This page contains photographic and video evidence of the Shanghai teachers’ stay in England, and the reactions and conclusions of the English teachers they shared classrooms with.

There’s also a verbatim account of a powerful and moving speech given by one of the Shanghai teachers at a gathering in London on the evening before their return to China.

Download this video.

  • Video: English teachers’ views at the end of the exchange

Download this video.


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