England – China

This project encompasses the work done before, during and after exchanges of teachers between hub schools and schools in Shanghai. During the school year 2014/2015, 71 primary teachers from English schools travelled to Shanghai, with around 60 of their counterparts coming to England to teach for a month.

In the school year 2015/2016, a similar exchange is taking place with secondary teachers.

The aim, as far as the English schools are concerned, is to learn lessons from how maths is taught in Shanghai, with particular focus on the mastery approach, and then research and develop ways in which similar teaching approaches can be used in English classrooms.

When in English schools, the Shanghai teachers - all mathematics education graduates - teach lessons on their own, and with their host teacher, following exactly the approach they use in their own classrooms.

The project is led by the NCETM, which will enable lessons learnt in individual hub areas to be shared nationally, so increasing the chances of re-shaped teaching approaches, over time, spreading to large numbers of schools across the country.