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All our work groups seek to support teachers working and learning together to make a difference for pupils. We hope you will find Work Groups below that are of interest to you.

Teacher Subject Specialist Training (TSST)

Please email mathshub@tpstrust.co.uk with names and email addresses of anyone who may be interested. TSST is for teachers who teach Maths, or intend to teach Maths, even though it is not their specialist subject.

The training is free.  The blended approach, to  do some of the training online and attend face to face workshops, proved to be popular last time. CIMT, Plymouth University run the assessment units, which you can see here

Face to face workshops take place at The Priory School, Shrewsbury, between 2.30-5.30pm, on:

 12th October (launch workshop, with David Burghes from CIMT), 1st November, 30th November, 25th January, 14th March, 26th April, 23rd May, 20th June.


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