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All our work groups seek to support teachers working and learning together to make a difference for pupils. We hope you will find Work Groups below that are of interest to you.

Teacher Subject Specialism Training – Secondary Maths (TSST)

We are looking to gauge interest in running the Secondary Maths TSST again next year.

Do you or any colleagues teach Maths even though it's not your specialism?

Do you know any qualified teachers interested in switching to teach Secondary Maths?

Do you know any qualified teachers interested in teaching some Maths, in addition to their specialist subject? 

Please email mathshub@tpstrust.co.uk with names and email addresses of any teachers who may be interested, even if they are only 'possible' at this stage - we are looking to see if we have interest from 20 or more people. 

The training would be free and schools would receive funding to cover release time for participants to attend face to face sessions. The blended approach, whereby participants do some of the training online (with funding for some release time to support this) proved to be popular last time. CIMT, Plymouth University run the assessment units, which you can see here. Evaluations were entirely positive from participants last year, so we would look to run a similar format, assuming that we have sufficient interest.

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