Singapore Text Book

This is a national project to develop specialist subject and pedagogical knowledge of teachers of mathematics, especially understanding of mastery and Shanghai/Singapore pedagogy.

The project involves two primary school Year 1 classes implementing, utilising and evaluating the effectiveness of specialist Singapore textbooks to explore the impact on teacher professional development and deep conceptual and procedural knowledge for pupils.

Who will be leading the group?

  • Wendy Mitcheson, North Tyneside Learning Trust
  • Laura Linden, Denbigh Primary School
  • Melanie Jones, Stephenson Memorial Primary School

Who is it for?

The project involves two highly experienced primary teachers from our nominated schools.

What are the intended outcomes?

The participating teachers will deepen their specialist subject knowledge for teaching Y1 Mathematics and understanding of mastery pedagogy. The teachers will continue to teach for mastery, drawing upon the support of high quality textbooks for their planning and teaching. The schools will also support other schools who want to learn about the approaches used.

What will it involve?

During the Autumn Term 2014, a specialist textbook was chosen. At the same time, pupil assessments of the target year groups were taken prior to the introduction of the textbooks. Assessments focused on ascertaining pupil fluency and level of confidence prior to the implementation and use of the specialist textbooks.

During the Spring Term the books will be introduced and utilised with pupils. Continuous evaluation will provide opportunity to identify pupil progress. During the Summer Term senior staff within each school will lead development for the rest of school understanding of the use of the textbook for children to achieve mastery of the topics covered.

What is the cost?

No cost

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