Shanghai Teacher Exchange (Primary)

This is a national project, involving exchanges of teachers between schools in Maths Hub areas and schools in Shanghai, to explore the implementation, in English schools, of the mastery teaching approach.

Who will be leading the group?

  • Ashleigh Lawrence, Lindsey Gallagher, Benton Dene Primary School
  • Wendy Mitcheson, North Tyneside Learning Trust

Who is it for?

Our local primary school, Benton Dene in North Tyneside, were successful in their application to represent the North East.  The project has enabled representatives from Benton Dene Primary to visit and observe teaching in Shanghai carried out by specialist maths teachers.  The visit was reciprocated in November 2014 when two Shanghai maths teachers visited Benton Dene.  During their time in North Tyneside, over 70 visitors from schools around the North East, observed Year 5 and Year 6 Maths lessons in the Shanghai style.  As part of the project, visitors were invited to trial aspects of the mastery approach in their own classrooms and provide feedback.

What are the intended outcomes?

The main objective of the project is to research and assess the mastery approach with regards to the implementation of such an approach within a primary school setting.

What will it involve?

The activity schedule included representatives from our leading school, Benton Dene undertaking a research trip to Shanghai to witness the mastery approach in action. In November teachers from Shanghai were hosted by our leading school.

Teachers from around the North East were invited to participate in a series of observation sessions whereby the mastery approach could be viewed. The sessions were extremely successful with over 70 visitors taking part. Following the observation sessions each person was asked to trial an aspect of the mastery approach and to comment upon its effectiveness. A reflection meeting in December allowed the feedback to be discussed and provided opportunities for further collaboration and investigation with schools who have decided to implement some of the aspects of the mastery approach.

The effectiveness of the approach will be evaluated long-term.

What is the cost?

No cost

For further information regarding this project please contact us via the Enquiries button and we will respond quickly.