Primary/Secondary Liaison

The one day session held in December 2014 introduced participants to some different ideas to use in their teaching practices to enable the smooth transition from Primary to Secondary maths education.  The feedback from the session was extremely positive and teachers have shared this with their own schools, and sought to make proactive links with their colleagues in Secondary Maths Departments.

This Work Group has been completed

Work Group Summary

The focus of this group is on Primary teachers examining level 6 content.  There will be a series of activities that allow participants to see students working at Level 6, followed by CPD opportunity to examine the content of level 6 and approaches used to teach students at this level.  Participants will leave with paper and electronic resources that support the teaching of students working at level 6 and will feel more confident delivering the mathematical content.

Who will be leading the group?

Graham MacPhail, Cramlington Learning Village

Who is it for?

This is specifically targeted at Primary School teachers with an interest in preparing their students for transition to secondary school.

What are the intended outcomes?

The programme intended to improve the subject specialist knowledge of mathematics, specifically around level 6 content and to empower subject leaders with ideas and approaches that can be shared with colleagues supporting the delivery of level 6.  The programme will disseminate resources and approaches implemented in the USA.  With regard to pupil outcomes, the programme will share pedagogical approaches that blend engagement, motivation and which support rapid progress.

What will it involve?

The CPD content will be delivered during a one day course where the focus is on delivering strategies for assessment in addition to sharing approaches to teach level 6 content including use of kinaesthetic resources which are given to each delegate for implementation.

What is the cost?

No cost

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