Who we are

Welcome to the Cambridge Maths Hub

Cam Academy Trust is proud to be the base for the Cambridge Maths Hub which is promoting excellence in Maths teaching across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough regions. 

The hub supports teachers in the continual process of improving educational standards for students in our region from the youngest child in Early Years Foundation Stage to the oldest students in Post 16.

The geographical area we aim to cover is Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and North Essex.

Among our key, strategic partners are the following:

  • CAM Academy Trust
  • Cambourne Village College
  • Cambridge Maths
  • CMAT Trust
  • Comberton Village College
  • CPET
  • Cromwell Community College
  • East of England Teaching School Council
  • Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP)
  • Histon &  Impington Junior school
  • Learning Directorate Maths Team
  • The Weatheralls Primary School

What we are doing

Our focus areas:

The Cambridge Maths Hub aims to support the learning of mathematics by assisting schools and teachers in

  • improving maths achievement at all levels
  • improving participation rates in mathematics at all levels
  • improving students’ problem solving ability
  • developing students’ fluency hand in hand with conceptual understanding
  • improving the recruitment and retention of maths specialist teachers in the area

The Cambridge Maths Hub seeks to do this primarily through Work Groups. These are led by teachers and other professionals who share our aims.

The Hub works with a variety of schools, individuals and organisations. We are always keen to expand our network so please do get in touch to find out more.

How to contact us

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