Who we are

Welcome to the Boolean Maths Hub, led by Lisa Pollard and Clare Christie, from the Cabot Learning Federation, in the South West.

Our hub encompasses a large geographical area from the top of South Gloucestershire (where we leave the GLOW Maths Hub), down to Shepton Mallet in Somerset (where we meet the Jurassic Maths Hub). In the West we cover from the Bristol Channel all the way to the outskirts of Wiltshire in the east.

Among our key, strategic partners are the following:

  • Primary and Secondary Schools within the Cabot Learning Federation TSA
  • Ashley Down Federation
  • Briarwood Special School
  • Bristol Grammar School
  • Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire LAs
  • Corsham Primary School and TSA
  • FMSP
  • John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge
  • North Somerset TSA
  • Pates Grammar School and TSA
  • The University of Bristol and the University of the West of England
  • The Whitehorse Federation (Moredon Teaching School & The Drove Teaching School)


What we are doing

The Boolean Maths Hub has identified three core priorities for phase 1 of the delivery plan from September 2014 to April 2015. In addition to this we want to support and promote other areas of mathematics good practice across the hub region.

Embed the core principles of Maths Education in Shanghai of the schools and academies involved in phase 3 of the China-England research and innovation project.

We have seen staggering student improvement and outcomes from schools in countries like Shanghai in the PISA tables and we want this for the children of Bristol and the wider South West.

  • Teach maths in the morning, re-directing PPA time to enable rapid feedback to take place in the afternoon of the same day to students;
  • Develop the idea of the master teacher;
  • Model collaborative planning and consistent use of lesson plans;
  • Deliver master class lessons to larger groups of students with class teachers and teaching assistants then leading individual and group work once the initial lesson has been delivered;
  • Video the lessons of outstanding Maths teachers in primary;
  • Launch of a Boolean Maths Hub calculation policy and contribute to a national policy;
  • Re-think our use of text books and support the purchase of better quality text books;
  • Use SKYPE and video conferencing to enable students in our hub to work with students in other maths hubs to work on joint problem solving;

Increase the take up of Post 16 Mathematics in September 2015, targeting year 11 students in 2014-15

Whilst Advanced Level Maths is a popular choice across the CLF, this is still a key area for development. We are also early adopters and a South-West lead for the new Core Maths qualification.

  • Early identification of year 11 students who are candidates for A level maths or Core Maths.
  • Identification of capable but undecided/less-likely-to-take female students of Mathematics;
  • Provision for Mathematics mentoring, using our local HE provider partnerships, including as many female role models as possible;
  • A Maths summer school in 2015;
  • Re-launch the CLF Teachers for Tomorrow programme as “Teach Maths for Tomorrow” giving Post-16 students the chance to work with experienced teachers for a year ahead of their UCAS application and mentor Year 5/6 students;
  • Highlight to students the benefits and advantages of taking A level maths and the career enhancements the option could bring for them.

Increase the confidence and competence of primary teachers and secondary specialists without a Maths degree

One of the limiting features of the progress that our children make is the skill base of the teachers teaching them Mathematics.

  • Complete audits/questionnaires to examine the GCSE, A Level and graduate and post graduate qualifications of CLF teaching staff;
  • School Direct and NQT cohorts from September 2014 will complete a Maths audit of their own skills as part of their training.
  • Primary SKE will be a blend of core and bespoke to address the up-skilling needed to deliver mastery and depth provide training on the features of the new Maths National Curriculum;
  • Secondary SKE will ensure that all teachers are confident up to ‘new’ higher GCSE whilst the bespoke programme will provide twilight sessions on the delivery of more complex GCSE and A level topics.
  • Target outstanding teachers to become converters to Mathematics.
  • Provide training for Secondary Head of Mathematics on the new Primary national curriculum.
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