Who we are

Welcome to the Archimedes NE Maths Hub, led by Carmel College, Darlington.

Our focus schools are those in the North East, Durham and the Tees Valley region.

At Archimedes we are delighted to work alongside enthusiastic, talented and dedicated teachers in our region and are confident that together we will develop mathematics so every child receives the skills and tools they need.

What we are doing

Our main focus is to establish collaborative partnerships to address the changes to the Maths Curriculum. In these partnerships we deliver an ongoing programme of professional learning that supports schools and their needs at local level in their move towards a mastery curriculum.

Our hub also hosts Work Groups throughout our region with a focus on research and development tackling local needs. Good practice is then taken from this and shared with our partner schools.

Our team also supports offers 1:1 support for Senior Leaders in the development of mathematics in their settings.

Work Groups, Local News & Events

What should I do now? Be a partnership school

Do get involved by signing up to a Work Groups at our September Launch Event (12th September 2018). Contact our team to find out how we can help support and develop mathematics in your school.

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