Mastery Specialists programme

During October, 140 primary teachers embarked on a journey to become specialists in teaching for mastery. The Mastery Specialists programme, led by the NCETM’s Director for Primary, Debbie Morgan, is one of five national collaborative projects running in Year Two of the Maths Hubs programme. Each participant attends three two-day residential workshops and, in between, work closely with other participants from their and other Maths Hubs, in developing the own skills of teaching mathematics for mastery in their own class and/or other classes in their own school. The aim is that teaching for mastery starts to become embedded across each participant’s school as a whole.

In addition, starting in January, each participant will start to lead pilot half-day Teacher Research Groups, involving up to ten teachers from five other schools, so gradually spreading experience and expertise more widely.

Since this is the start of a new programme, participant teachers and schools will contribute to an ongoing internal evaluation of the effectiveness of the process, so that lessons can be learnt and refinements made in the future.