Key events and activities in the Maths Hubs programme



  • October – Mastery Specialists programme begins with first series of two-day sessions
  • November - - Secondary teachers from Shanghai spend month in English schools
  • November – Maths Hub Leads meet in termly National Forum, York.
  • December - Fourth issue of Bespoke published



  • January - Mastery Specialists programme – second two-day sessions
  • January - Mastery Specialists programme – Teacher Research Groups start
  • February – Maths Hubs Leads and senior leadership colleagues meet in termly National Forum, Nottingham
  • February – Fifth issue of Bespoke published
  • March/April - Mastery Specialists training programme – third two-day sessions


For hubs’ local events see their website pages, via www.mathshubs.org.uk/find-your-hub