Michael Pullan

Name: Michael Pullan

Day job: Harris Federation Secondary Mathematics Consultant

Maths Hub: London Thames

Work Group: KS4 Subject Leadership Group

Work Group aim: Developing leadership skills, knowledge and expertise of KS4 subject leaders across the hub-bespoke to the individual and their career phase. This is especially important in the midst of so much curriculum and assessment change.

Work Group participants: Around 40 current mathematics subject leaders and heads of department and those aspiring to be so in the near future.

The Work Group leader role: My role, working with schools’ departmental teams and my federation colleagues, is to organise and deliver high impact and informative sessions blending a balance of experienced guidance with current top-tips. Resultant collectively produced resources are shared online.

Combining it with the day job: The role is an ideal fit for my day-job as a maths teacher working at a different academy every day, since I get to see a range of good practice. I am also fortunate to be part of a federation consultant team, so I can call on the expert advice of a range of maths specialists. Time-wise, work-tasks tend to come in waves like, for example, when we launch new curriculum materials and resources, working to very demanding deadlines, as a team within the Hub.