Deborah Harper

Name: Deborah Harper

Day job: Maths coordinator and Head of Y5 at South Farnham Primary School, which has 788 children on roll.

Maths Hub: Surrey Plus

Work Group: The Curriculum Development Group.

Work Group aim: To facilitate the implementation of teaching for mastery across the primary curriculum through a fully resourced framework that is free at the point of use. This will be done in 3 stages:

  • Arranging KS1 and KS2 curriculum objectives into a coherent and progressive mastery curriculum.
  • Identifying which of these objectives can be taken out of maths and addressed in other subjects.
  • Creating examples of variation to support these objectives and to allow teachers to extend students laterally.

Work Group participants: I will be working closely with another teacher at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Guildford, both bringing in staff in our respective schools. We will also collaborate with other Work Groups within the Maths Hub who are conducting research projects on various aspects of mastery to ensure there is a consistent approach. This includes the Textbook project, Primary Subject Knowledge Enhancement course, and Primary Mastery Specialists. We will also be seeking the involvement of teachers from 4 other schools (yet to be identified) who will be using the framework next year in the planning process and resource development.

The Work Group Leader role: Ultimately it’s ensuring the successful delivery of the project on time and to budget but also understanding the work of the other Surrey Maths Hub Work Groups to make sure that our project reflects their findings and recommendations.

Part of the role is to present our project at our hub’s Primary Maths Conference next summer and then to work with the Maths Hub lead school (St John The Baptist in Woking) to deliver training to the primary teachers who will use the framework and resources upon completion.

Combining it with the day job: At the moment, the project is taking a couple of hours a week on top of the day job. I can see this ramping up as we get into the development of the variation resources across the 2 key stages.