Dave Bowman

Name: Dave Bowman

Day job: Second in Mathematics department,Farmor's School, Fairford, Gloucestershire.

Maths Hub: GLOW

Work Group: #YesUCan

Work Group aim: The aim is for teachers, children and parents to believe that it is possible for everyone to learn maths, and, in the secondary context, to get to ‘pass’ standard GCSE.

Work Group participants: The hundreds of teachers from more than 50 schools attending twilight sessions (six last year, five this year) and a conference in Oxford. Year 1 was to create a group of teachers and SLT who believe in the #YesUCan message. Year 2 is about enabling these teachers to share what they’ve done, and feeding Work Group findings into the other mastery Work Groups in the hub.

The Work Group Leader role: My role has been to try to inspire teachers, and instill a belief that all their students can achieve an understanding of mathematics. Although I pulled together the research in one place, and led all the sessions, including some with parents, much of the Work Group momentum has come from participants’ word of mouth.

Combining it with the day job? I teach a full timetable, so the Work Group activity is over and above my day. Weekends and evenings are used for research and preparation and sessions are held in twilight to minimise disruption on my students and maximise attendance of other teachers. Although the time commitment is challenging, the transformation I’m seeing in less than twelve months makes it immensely worthwhile.