The reasoning rationale

This image is part of an activity used at the Manchester workshop - see below

For the second year running all Maths Hubs are working on a national project aimed at helping Key Stage 3 teachers, and their departments, to improve their approaches to developing pupils’ mathematical reasoning. This year, in a scaled-up project, up to eight secondary schools in each Maths Hub are taking part in a year-long PD programme with the aim of deepening teachers’ understanding of the subject knowledge and pedagogy linked to mathematical reasoning, and, in turn, improving pupils’ confidence, fluency and logical precision when they engage in mathematical reasoning. Two teachers from each school are attending, with colleagues from other schools in their Maths Hub area, four workshops throughout the year. In each hub, the year’s activities are run by a Work Group Lead, working closely with a colleague a local university, and all Work Group Leads got together for a two-day planning workshop in Manchester in November.

Much of the time was spent looking at classroom tasks and problems (like the one shown) and discussing how best to use these to draw out pupils’ reasoning.

This national project is part of a larger mix of reasoning and problem-solving work being undertaken by Maths Hubs this year. Other elements include a project, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation, and with the participation of eight Maths Hubs, looking into developing reasoning in Year 2 pupils.

Workshop Activity