• Maths Hubs in the South East organised a day conference (see picture) for 100 Local Leaders of Maths Education (LLMEs) in London in September. With the aim of engaging more of the wider maths PD community in Maths Hubs work, this was the second in a series of three such events across England. The first was held in Birmingham, and the third is in Darlington on 25 January, organised by Archimedes Maths Hub. Places still available!
  • While the thrust of teaching for mastery activity is in primary schools at the moment, all Maths Hubs are also engaged in year-long projects investigating ways of developing similar teaching approaches that work in secondary schools. Teachers from more than 100 secondary schools will be following a year-long Mastery Specialists’ programme similar to the primary version now in its second year.
  • Seventy primary teachers--all Cohort 1 Mastery Specialists arrived back from Shanghai in late November, having spent two weeks in classrooms there, and discussing the teaching they saw with their Chinese colleagues and senior maths-education lecturers. They will host their counterparts in their own schools across all Maths Hubs, during later parts of this term, and early in the new year. Contact your local Maths Hub ]if you’d like to attend a ‘showcase lesson’ event.