Rebecca Serginson, Loughton School, Milton Keynes. Enigma Maths Hub

I first became interested in teaching for mastery when one of my local schools was involved in the Shanghai exchange. We followed their lead, and began to adopt teaching for mastery with our Y3 class (our youngest children).  We removed sets (we used to have 6 per year group), which at first I was a bit cautious about, but it has been really successful - absolutely fantastic.  I used to teach the bottom set and I couldn’t see how they would keep up with everyone else but the children learn so much from each other, particularly the children you might have described as ‘lower-middle.’  They have made so much progress and they say ‘oh yeah, I get maths now!’   I’ve also learnt a lot this week about teaching about mathematical structure and it’s made me question whether I did enough of this last year – it’s made me question everything, really!