Taking teaching for mastery forward: recruitment of teachers and schools

Details have been announced of the recruitment of new waves of teachers and—separately--primary schools to take the teaching for mastery programme into the next school year.

Teachers: A second cohort of 140 primary teachers will be selected to join the Mastery Specialists Programme, run by the NCETM in conjunction with Maths Hubs. Each Maths Hub will select four teachers to take part in the development phase of the programme during 2016/2017. Closing date: 1 June 2016.

Schools: Each Maths Hub is recruiting 24 primary schools to work with the first wave of Mastery Specialists, who are now approaching the end of their development year. This is an important opportunity for schools keen to take teaching for mastery forward and will provide significant professional development support for their teachers. There will be no charge to participate; in fact, a small subsidy will be available towards release time for these teachers. Closing date: 8 June 2016.

Details of both recruitments can be found at www.ncetm.org.uk/masteryrecruitment