Alison Turner, St George’s CE Primary School, and Sue Evans, Meole Brace CE Primary School, Salop and Herefordshire Maths Hub

We have run a two-day Work Group –funded by the Maths Hub—for Year One teachers, called Calculating not Counting aimed at developing early number sense. We’re using materials based on PowerPoints used by Shanghai teachers in our schools when they were here, but adapted by us, working with our LA adviser, so they’re more appropriate for use here. We’ve run the Work Group twice in different areas, with about 15 teachers in each group. The days are split so they can do a gap task in between. It’s all about trying to help children move away from an over-reliance on counting (usually in ones) so they’re able to use partitioning of numbers to calculate. For example, by the end of the year we want children to be able to do 8 + 5 and do it as 8 + 2 + 3, because they can partition five and because they know their number bonds to ten. But there’s a long journey to get to that point. So we’re looking at what sort of experiences they need to get to that point.