What's in a name?

  • Among the purely geographical Maths Hub names are a few that take a little more deciphering-or should that be decoding? A question perhaps for those at the Enigma Maths Hub, led by Denbigh School in Milton Keynes, a stone’s throw from Bletchley Park (above), where Alan Turing and others broke the Germans’ Enigma code in World War Two.
  • Another bit of mathematical history lies behind the Boolean Maths Hub, led by Cabot Learning Federation and Ashley Down Primary School, both in Bristol, and with a reach into parts of surrounding counties. Mary Everest Boole, a mathematician born in Gloucestershire, invented, among other things, curve stitching, or what we today call string geometry, to help children learn about angles and spaces. Her husband, George Boole, gave his name to Boolean algebra. Read more about her life here.
  • Finally, it’s not immediately obvious where the GLOW Maths Hub operates. The secret, for this hub, led by Balcarras School in Cheltenham, is in the four letters: GL for Gloucestershire, O for Oxfordshire and W for Worcestershire. The hub’s promotional material exploits the acronym, in stating that their intention is to shine a light on maths education in the area.

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Photograph by Draco2008, some rights reserved