Projects tailored to local needs

In addition to its participation in the work with a national reach, each Maths Hub also runs its own projects designed to address locally agreed needs. Around the country in the first year, there have been hundreds of these projects. Here’s a taste of the range of work undertaken:

TEACHER RECRUITMENT: The Surrey Plus Maths Hub is starting a scheme where five maths (or similar) undergraduates from Surrey University, who are considering a career in teaching, are employed as maths-specific teaching assistants in secondary schools for a year during their university course. The hub will provide training, support them during the year and endorse their application for a teacher training place (SCITT or School Direct) at a hub school when the time comes.

YESYOUCAN! The GLOW Maths Hub has a research project where primary and secondary teachers explore ways of helping pupils develop a growth mindset, improve resilience and reduce maths anxiety. The project, with face-to-face sessions and school-based gap tasks in between, is rooted in the work of Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler.

ALGEBRA in YEAR 2: The London North East Maths Hub has completed a Lesson Study project looking at a lesson linking multiplication to algebra in Y2 classes across a group of schools. The project also broadened into consideration of progression in algebra, from Foundation Stage to Y6, and explored the concept of equivalence.

TEACHER AMBASSADORS IN PROBLEM SOLVING: Across the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub area, five primary and secondary teachers have become ‘problem-solving ambassadors’ working with small groups of other teachers to develop the pedagogy of problem-solving in the classroom. Training materials and pupil resources have been written and trialled. Next year: more ambassadors and a new module on reasoning.

CREATING MORE MATHS SLEs: The London Central and North West Maths Hub is responding to the shortage of specialist maths support available to schools by running a programme to identify potential new maths SLEs, and provide funding support and mentoring for them as they move towards this specialist designation.  

PREPARING FOR UNIVERSITY LEVEL MATHS: A level students at 15 schools in the North West Two Maths Hub area have been attending sessions exploring A level maths more deeply and looking at where it goes next, with particular focus on preparing to take STEP (Sixth Term Examination Papers) papers to support university applications.

A MASTERY-RELATED MASTERS DEGREE: Two Maths Hubs (East Midlands West and East Midlands East) are working with the University of Nottingham to create a maths-specific Masters programme related to mastery pedagogy, with hub funding subsidising teachers participating in the course.