National Collaborative Projects – Year Two

In Year Two, the three national projects started in Year One will be continued and expanded, and, in addition, two additional projects will be launched.



England - China

Primary schools that hosted Shanghai teachers in 2014/15 will continue to develop and embed teaching for mastery approaches, and, in addition, two teachers from secondary schools in each Maths Hub will visit Shanghai in September, with their counterparts returning to work in Key Stage 3 classrooms in November 2015.

Textbooks and professional development

The project that began in January 2015, which saw teachers in two schools in each Maths Hub experimenting with the use of a high quality textbook in a Year 1 class, will be expanded, to take in more schools and more classes, including Year 2 pupils.


Work to help schools and colleges increase the numbers of Year 12 and Year 13 students taking A level maths, and, among them, more girls, will continue. Approaches that bore fruit in some hubs this year will be implemented in other areas.

Mathematical Reasoning

A new project will start in September 2015, to trial ways of developing mathematical reasoning skills in Key Stage 3 pupils.

Developing 140 new Primary Mathematics Teaching for Mastery Specialists

Closely linked to other work on mastery, this project will involve the training of four teachers in each Maths Hub area to become experts in teaching for mastery in their own classrooms, and in supporting the similar development of teachers in partner schools.