Teaching for Mastery Lead: Cathryn Hardy

Cathryn Hardy ‘I see my role as twofold. First as a mastery enabler: supporting the Mastery Specialists to develop teaching for mastery in the schools where they are working. This involves:

  • setting up efficient systems so that they can work efficiently as a team;
  • attending a selection of their activities including school visits, lesson observations and the Teacher Research Group (TRG) meetings, so that I can ensure consistency of practice and quality across the Maths Hub area;
  • leading regular meetings with all eight Mastery Specialists with a focus on collaborative professional development and sharing effective practice;
  • communicating with headteachers and other school leaders who may need further explanation of, or support with, mastery in their own schools.

The second part of my role involves working with the whole maths community in the Maths Hub area:

  • updating school leaders in all schools, via network meetings, on the hub’s teaching for mastery projects, and wider developments nationally;
  • maintaining conversations with local authority staff and local Ofsted inspectors.’