Coordinating the work

With eight Mastery Specialists working with around 30 primary schools,spread across two counties, and covering distances of nearly a hundred miles, careful thought has gone into how to knit the work together and give the best chance of the teaching for mastery roots becoming firmly established over time, and, in parallel, increasing the number of schools participating. These are some of the organisational elements that have contributed to this aim:

  • The four Cohort 1 Mastery Specialists work in two pairs, each pair having the same fixed ‘mastery day’ every week. This means they can plan together and chair each other’s post-lesson discussions. It also helps the Teaching for Mastery Lead to plan her visits.
  • The Teaching for Mastery Lead and the Mastery Specialists have jointly led briefings on mastery work in locations across the Maths Hub area, recently in Market Drayton, Oswestry and Shrewsbury, with forthcoming events in Leominster, Hereford and Telford. This is part of planned work to recruit another 48 primary schools to be funded participants in the teaching for mastery programme next year, working with Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 Mastery Specialists.
  • In addition to the 30 days the Mastery Specialists spend on their core work in the role, nine days (financed through a different stream of Maths Hub funding) are spent planning and leading other Work Groups. For example, the ‘Year 1 Mastery of Number’ Work Group, led by Sue Evans and Alison Turner (Cohort 1 Mastery Specialists) has been run in 3 different locations, with 60 teachers of Year 1 classes.
  • Maximising the number of schools represented at the recent ‘showcase’ lessons given by the visiting Shanghai exchange teachers, and ensuring ongoing contacts with all these schools.
  • Starting to plan ahead, to establish ongoing support that participating schools will require once they have ended their face-to-face participation in the programme. The aim is to cultivate a growing family of schools across the hub area, all engaged in the embedding of teaching for mastery across their schools.