Teaching for Mastery Across a Maths Hub Area

While there are no hard boundaries between Maths Hubs, and geographical areas vary widely, each hub has a catchment containing several hundred schools. In respect of teaching for mastery, each hub now has between 30 and 40 primary schools with current or past direct and funded involvement in Maths Hub projects. But the aspiration, over time, is that half the primary schools in the country participate in that way. So a key leadership and organisational task in each Maths Hub is, initially concentrating on the primary phase, to establish a hub-wide organisational structure in teaching for mastery, creating consistency of practice and opportunity, and gradually drawing in more schools to participate in projects. Here we look at how this is being addressed in the Salop and Herefordshire Maths Hub.

Key Personnel

Maths Hub Lead: Graham Charles (oversight and leadership of all Maths Hub work)

Teaching for Mastery Lead: Cathryn Hardy (contributing one or two days a week in this role, alongside her main role as Shropshire’s Primary Maths Advisor)

Four Cohort 1 Mastery Specialists (released from own school for 30 days over the year and each now leading a Work Group with six other schools)

Four Cohort 2 Mastery Specialists (currently in development year, and each working informally with a few local schools —total release time 15 days over the year)