New lead schools start work

The Maths Hubs network across England has welcomed its 35th member, with a new hub serving Cumbria and north Lancashire, led by Lancaster Royal Grammar School, working closely with Dowdales School, in Dalton-in-Furness, the Queen Katherine Multi-Academy Trust, centred in Kendal, and teaching school alliances across a large geographical area. Work has already begun to take control of national projects in the area, launched earlier this year by the North West Two Maths Hub, whose main operating area is further south. One local priority for the new Maths Hub is likely to be raising achieving in maths of children who are looked-after.

And also there’s new leadership in the London South East Maths Hub, where Redriff Primary School, working with City of London Academy (Southwark), has taken over the reins from Woolwich Polytechnic School, which stood down in September. ‘With leadership shared between a primary and a secondary school, we hope to be able to capitalise on all the existing great work already going on in maths education in this part of London,’ said co-hub lead Declan Byrne, from Redriff. ‘An early priority for us will be to look at transition, improving collaboration to create a smoother passage across all Key Stages for teachers, pupils and parents.’