Hayley Shaw, Work Group Lead

Hayley Shaw “Leading this Work Group has enabled me to develop my understanding of teaching for mastery in several ways. Exploring, in detail, the 5 Big Ideas (*) and incorporating them into lessons observed by TRG participants has encouraged me to consider the coherent journey through a concept more carefully. The rich professional post-lesson discussions within the group have allowed me to reflect carefully on the mastery elements incorporated and the impact achieved. I have been able to implement the best ideas and practices of others and raise the overall standard of delivery when teaching pupils. The Work Group is able to share success stories and continually strive to help each other.

The value of TfM is apparent; my understanding develops with the results. Pupils who grasp ideas quickly are able to tackle more complex problems and demonstrate the mathematical structure behind procedures. All children are able to access maths in a way they have not done before, exploring the structure of concepts by using representations such as part/whole models and bar models. This has resulted in deep and lasting conceptual understanding for children and an ability to make connections between different areas.

Working with individual schools has highlighted the significance of good quality CPD for teachers. Observing the variety of challenges as well as drawing on my own experiences has allowed me to provide bespoke support and management. This has allowed participants to structure their CPD around specific elements of TfM.”

(*) Fluency, Variation, Mathematical Thinking, Representation and Structure, and Coherence